Protect Your Investment

Professional DetailingYour Recreational Vehicle was a major investment. Maintaining the exterior is one of the most important things you can do to protect the value of this asset. Proper care is essential in preserving the exposed surfaces and the value of your coach. No matter whether you are parked or on-the-road, your RV will encounter sun, rain, snow, bugs and other elements. You need to know how those elements will impact the fiberglass, gel coat, paint, vinyl decals and metal. 

RV Detailing has the experience and knowledge to keep your unit looking its best. We use high end RV specific products designed to protect and maintain your coach’s exterior and keep it looking showroom new. With the high cost of purchasing and operating an RV these days, protecting your investment and extending its useful life could never be more important! 

Professional detailing seals and protects your RV's fiberglass, gel coat or painted finish from all the elements, especially the harsh bleaching and yellowing impact of the sun. Metal surfaces must be polished, removing corrosion and inhibiting future damage. Glass needs regular cleaning and sealing to maintain clarity and prevent water etching. Maintaining your rubber roof is a must to prevent UV damage which will cause cracks to form allowing water to penetrate your roof and damage your coach.

Exterior RV Detailing Services

 • Washing and cleaning all exterior surfaces, windows, wheels and metal as well as roof and roof mounted fixtures followed by a complete chamois hand dry and tire treatment.

Detailing • Washing, cleaning, waxing and polishing all exterior fiberglass surfaces, windows, wheels and metal. Washing of awnings, slide covers, roof and roof mounted fixtures.

Compounding • Compounding restores color and luster to fiberglass and painted finishes. Compounding can remove or reduce surface defects such as oxidation, scratches and etched in water spots.

Rubber Roof Treatment • Specifically designed to retard roof chalking and gray streaks down the side of the vehicle, minimize maintenance and provide UV protection to extend the life of the rubber roof membrane.

Awning and Slide Topper Treatment • Specifically designed to help restore the vinyl fabric, remove or minimize stains, retard cracking and provide UV protection to extend the life of the fabric.

Front End Bug Treatment • Application of a special polymer treatment on all forward facing exterior surfaces designed to protect the finish, inhibit staining and ease bug removal.

Interior RV Detailing Services

Exterior Washing

Windows and Blinds • Cleaning of all interior windows and blinds.

Interior Cleaning • Cleaning all surfaces including cabinet doors, drawer fronts, trim, floors, shower, toilet, sink, appliances, windows, blinds and carpet vacuuming.

Cabinet, Drawer and Appliance Interiors • Cleaning all surfaces inside cabinets, drawers and all appliances.

Carpet Shampooing and Stain Removal

Other Services
• Decal and Adhesive Removal
• Metal Restoration
• Fiberglass Repair
• Vinyl Restoration
• Winterization
• Tow Behinds and Tow Vehicles (aka Cars and Trucks)
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